Why Arsenal players are also to blame for heavy Bayern defeat


After Arsenal’s capitulation against Bayern Munich on Wednesday night, manager, Arsene Wenger as usual became the butt of the jokes online.

The 67-year-old manager was left helpless after a 10-minute capitulation in the second half, just shortly after Laurent Koscielny limped off injured. Wenger of course has the majority of the blame for not instilling discipline and tactical shape in his team, but the players bar Alexis Sanchez can only cover their heads in shame. They looked soulless, gutless and bereft of ideas and were made to pay by Bayern Munich.

Time and time again, we have always complained about how they lack mental strength. It seems there is a culture at the club in which players are not being held responsible for their actions.

You could see Alexis trudging off the pitch at full time, failing to appreciate the travelling fans who made the long journey from London to Munich. There is no player willing to stand up and be counted.

The younger players are not maturing, in the case of Oxlade Chamberlain trying to dribble an opponent, when faced with pressure and at time being 4-1 down.

Ultimately, if Arsenal fail to win any trophy yet again, and also fail to reach the Champions League, Wenger must go but yet, the new manager simply has the task to dispense with the majority of the playing staff, who don’t know what it means to play for Arsenal and defend the honour of the club.


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