What to Look Out for in FIFA 2019!


The launch of EA Sports’ latest iteration of its legendary football game is painfully close, and FIFA 2019 looks to be one of the most exciting versions yet. With versions available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Playstation 3, Nintendo Switch and Xbox 360, it will be accessible to a wide market. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are 12 and 13 years old respectively, so it’s a nice touch from EA to continue support for these older consoles.

The autumn release of a FIFA game has become a staple in the football world, with wives and girlfriends resigned to seeing their significant others much less until the novelty of the game wears off. FIFA 2019 will be no different, including the most up to date teams and players for the 2018/19 season. The game is tipped to be the most realistic release yet, perhaps providing the most likely Premier League predictions this early in the season. In addition to this, FIFA 2019 will provide some new, exciting additions that will add some new dimensions to the play, here is an overview of some of them.

The Rules Are, There Are No Rules

FIFA 94 had a quirky feature where you were able to run away from the referee if he tried to book your player. Some even older football games allowed sliding tackles on the referee! With the release of FIFA 2019, EA is bringing a “No Rules” setting, which will essentially be an anything-goes mode where players can foul and hack as much as they like, knowing there’ll be no yellow or red cards dished out. For those that still struggle with the offside rule, No Rules mode also does away with the requirement to remain on side, allowing for plenty of goal hanging.

Heads & Vs

The No Rules setting is contained within a feature called “House Rules”, which also has a few other modes. “Headers and Volleys” mode will take you back to your school days of “Heads and Vs”, where goals can only be scored from headers and volleys. It possibly not quite as fun as playing with these rules in real life, and definitely not as fun as “No Rules”, but it will make for an interesting change up to the usual FIFA format.

Long Range

This version, also within the “House Rules”, doubles the goal count for any successful shot from outside of the box. Borrowing a concept from basketball, where three points are scored when a player gets a ball in the net when shooting from outside of the three-point arc. This will help to spice up play, adding a strategic element that balances the higher probability of scoring from a shorter distance with the double points scored from a 50-yard screamer.

Survival Mode

This will add an interesting twist to the game. Survival Mode is another “House Rule”, and will see your team lose a player for every goal it scores. This concept is to provide an opportunity for the losing side to catch up, as with more players they will be more likely to score. What doesn’t change in Survival Mode is the rule that a game is called off if a team goes down to 7 players, therefore after 4 goals from one side the game will be ended, with the highest scoring team winning.

First To

Pick a number, any number (within reason). That’s now your target – the winner of the game will be the first team to reach your chosen number of goals. This provides players an opportunity to make it a sprint, or a marathon where 30 goals are required to secure the victory. Although, if you’re up against a terrible opponent, even first to 30 might not take very long.

In summary, FIFA 2019 will provide a shake-up of gameplay that goes beyond it just being the same format, with some better graphics, transfer changes and up to date kits. It has also been suggested that additional House Rules updates could be released to provide additional gameplay in the future.


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