What to do at home whilst waiting for The Beautiful Game to be back on


Not being able to attend to or watch your favourite English Premier League games might be a hard pill to swallow for dedicated supporters. With all the leagues being suspended until who knows when, and the UEFA Euro Championships moved to next year, football will be sorely missed. There are, however, some things you can do to feel a little less gloomy. Some of them are pretty straightforward but usually quite effective.

Stay in the game

While the players cannot compete at the big stadiums, and there’s not a lot of action going on around anywhere, it does not mean you have to give up the physical activity altogether. It is ideal if you have a backyard and can set up a space for some football practice. In that way, you are still in the game. Plus, you need to maintain a proper level of fitness while staying at home anyway. The lack of ample space to run or walk and the limited to no access to gyms, parks, and other places can be overwhelming, especially for an outgoing person. Fortunately, there are plenty of intense exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home. Even if you don’t have a lot of room.

Video games

Understandably, with no matches being held, you cannot even play Fantasy Football, but maybe video games could come to the rescue. Online games are certainly a great way to have fun and compete with friends and strangers. To make yourself feel a little closer to the intense emotions you usually experience during actual football games, you may be inclined to choose specific kinds of games before others. Besides the clear choice of sports and football-related games primarily, the excitement can be provided by playing poker online, casino games and sports betting. For obvious reasons, the latter covers more ground and could fill the void in the most satisfying way. Anything that keeps your mind occupied and, above all, entertained in these hard times will be of excellent service to you. However, perhaps the most natural choice for a football fan is the possibility to create your team in one of the popular football manager simulators.

Remember the old days

Everybody knows that the best football is live football. We all want to experience those moments in real-time and be able to witness history in the making. But when you can’t have it all, you can look for comfort in the past. Being a dedicated fan, you have to have your favourite player from the past, or the team you enjoyed watching. The Premier League has had its special moments, like the famously invincible Arsenal side that went through the 2003/2004 season without a single defeat. There are many more memorable moments to recall. To help you remember some of them, as well as to offer valuable insight into the football world, there are now many tv shows and series on the subject available on most popular streaming platforms. For example, El Corazon de Sergio Ramos pictures a less-known side of Spanish defender Sergio Ramos, and First Team: Juventus tells a story about the team from Turin making their way into 2017-18 Serie A season.

Everybody in the world, not just football supporters, sure hopes that things will go back to normal as soon as possible. But sports are an essential part of people’s lives. While waiting for the EPL schedule to get back on track, we must try our best to entertain ourselves at home.


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