Prove Your Gaming Skill with These Top 3 Online Football Games

online football games

When someone talks about football games, the likes of Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA or Football Manager come to mind. But many football fans simply don’t have the time to build a team on Football Manager or spend the money required to be competitive online in PES and FIFA’s most popular microtransaction-riddled online game modes.

So, to help football fans who want to game online, we’ve found three of the best games outside of the huge mainstream titles mentioned above.

Top Eleven

The game that claims to be the most-played online football management simulator certainly has the standing to back up its statements. Now with Jose Mourinho as their cover star, Top Eleven has been in the Apple and Android app stores since November 2011, offering the control of a top management simulator, but without as much depth to allow for more relaxed and faster gameplay.

Even now, in early 2019, Top Eleven ranks as the fifth top UK mobile sports game and the top independent football game, per SimilarWeb app rankings. The game-loop revolves around earning money through playing games and achieving a good placing in the table at the end of each season cycle, investing the money in new players, winning promotion and building a team good enough for the next division.

The Champions 4 & Football Strike

Even a decade ago, people could distract themselves from work simply by going online and finding a free online gaming website, with football games, naturally, being among the most popular. Now browser gaming is as popular as ever, with so many great football games on offer. 

Miniclip is one of the biggest free online gaming websites, boasting many great football games. While Football Strike has a strong fan base, it’s hard to argue against the deep and customisable play of The Champions 4, in which you take your created five-a-side team across continents to conquer the world of football.

Football-themed browser games like these offer fans easily accessible gameplay, with even online casino sites like redbet offering their own online browser alternatives to slot machines to provide football-themed titles such as Football Star and Football: Champions Cup to fans of the genre. Thanks to continued high demand, bigger and better creations continue to get released, which further increases the immense range of gaming available without any download being required.

Rocket League

For a more hands-on, competitive approach to gaming as a football fan, consider the smash-hit Rocket League. The online game modes involve two teams of players controlling rocket-powered cars to work as a team and shoot the gigantic ball into the opposition’s net.

Many people see Rocket League as being a better football game than FIFA or PES, with its unique mechanics, balanced gameplay, and level of skill making it a top-class competitive game. While the game is easy to get the hang of, and you don’t need to be the best in the world to win games or score goals, it takes a fair amount of experience to master it.

So as you can see, there are many games outside of the big, mainstream titles ready to immerse football fans in their favourite sport.


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