The EPL Has Become the Most Powerful League in the World!


All over the world, domestic league competitions do have a mid season break or any form of break during the course of the season. In England, that is not the case. Instead of this working against the league, it has made it the most popular and entertaining of all leagues.

Since the start of the current system of Premier league in 1992, the league has received an unprecedented fame across the globe which gives more income to top sport betting sites. The quality and strength of teams in the league have increased exponentially. Looking at how and why the league has gotten here shows some interesting features to behold.

The Premier league at the moment has quality players distributed across the teams in the league. However, the best three players in the world according to FIFA the Best award shows that non ply their trade in England top flight clubs. What has now been the bargaining power the premier league have that others don’t? In England, the talk about the top six and the fight for relegation makes it a very interesting league to watch. Matches between two mid table clubs could easily have won match of the season.

During the 2015/16 season, Everton and Bournemouth a thrilling 3-3 draw at Goodison park. That could have gone done as one of the matches of the season. This season, despite not winning the league since 2004, Arsenal have been involved in some games that will be deemed to one of the most exciting football matches in the world.

The 3-2 win over Leicester City in the opening game of the season and the 6 goals thriller against Liverpool that ended 3-3 is another match for football purist. Looking at other leagues across the continent, only few games measure up to these standards.

The Classico between Barcelona and Real Madrid is deemed the most watched football match across the world but if a league can only guaranty us just two matches to stay glue to the TV out of 380 games a season, wouldn’t you go for one which can keep you entertain every match day for 38 weeks? Gone are the days when derbies Inter Milan vs AC Milan were bigger than Manchester United vs Manchester City.

The quality of coaches in the league at the moment seems not to be second to any country in the world. The media power in the league is just undeniably the best in the world.

Despite the gap between table toppers, Manchester City and second place team, Manchester City-15 points-you could still be hopeful that the fight for a champions league top four finish could be a very interesting one to watch with at least five teams jostling for three spots.

It gets more interesting if you look down to the second half of the table where teams are just separated by 8 points from 11th to 20th on the log. You can’t find that anywhere else in the world.

What England also offers in terms of revenue for clubs from TV rights money is also something to behold. With all teams sharing the same amount, it is easy for a club like West Ham to spend £100m a summer to bring in players, amount a club like Sevilla or Napoli can’t dear try a summer. And the TV money is bound to increase in 2019 when a new broadcasting right is issued. What the premier league offer is pure entertainment that can’t be gotten anywhere in the world. No wonder it is the best league in the world.


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