What makes a team one of the best in the world?


Choosing a team over others is not easy. The only way to know which is better is to watch them play. Today, thanks to the internet and the information era, there are websites that help to know which teams are better, show results, things about football and predictions. All that is useful to know what we can expect from a match.

Every year the Football International Federation Association (FIFA), the maximum entity of this sport in the world, publishes a list with the most important teams of the leagues, as well as the most outstanding teams per country.

This year, teams like Real Madrid (Spain), River Plate (Argentina), FC. Barcelona (Spain), Palmeiras (Brazil), Juventus (Italy), Gremio (South America), Bayern Munich (Germany), Boca (Argentina) and Sevilla (Spain) are on the list of the most important teams in the world.

In contrast, with regard to the men’s ranking by country, the list is a little different and it includes: Belgium, France, Brazil, England, Uruguay, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Argentina and Colombia.

When looking at these lists, a question arises: What aspects do these organizations take into account for a football team to have a privileged position in this sport? Well, they apply a method called “SUM” which is based on a summation of the pros and cons of a game.

These points depend on the potential of the teams participating in the game. In addition, it takes into consideration the expectation that the teams with the best position are more likely to beat others with a lower level.

The international games of the so-called Class A are added. That is, official competitions and friendly games at FIFA level that have been held over a period of 4 years.  In the summation, the years are weighted differently: 100 per cent of the points of the current year, 50 per cent of the previous year, 30 per cent of the penultimate year and 20 per cent of the antepenultimate year are taken.

How are the points calculated? Well, by the traditional methods: win (3 points), draw (1 point) and defeat (0 points). In addition, a higher score is attached depending on the status of the game (multiplication coefficient between 1 and 4), strength of the opponent (multiplication coefficient between 50 and 200) and strength of the team’s confederation (multiplication coefficient between 0.85 and 1.00).

One of the aspects where the importance of football teams in the world is taken into account is in betting. The data in this list allows to determine the level in which a team is currently. If you bet a lot on a team, it’s because it’s good, there’s confidence in that team.


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