Statistics that show that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is perhaps the best striker of his generation


When Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored 50 goals for PSG last season, it was a phenomenal feat given his age. The British press were all over him, insisting he couldn’t do it in the fast paced world of the league. Jose Mourinho got signed to Manchester United and brought in Ibrahimovic as a free transfer.

The rest they say is history. On his first start for the club, he scored the winner in the 2016 Community Shield, and he arrived himself with a bang in typical Zlatan style.

Yet, people still doubted and given his barren run which culminated in six matches without a goal October, they came for his head in their usual style.

They said his age was catching up with him, and the English league had finally proven he was nowhere the invincible best he had always claimed himself to be.

On Sunday at Wembley, United we’re very much second best and just like he did back in August, he scored another winner against Southampton in the EFL Cup final, sending the United faithfuls into raptures, and ensuring that Jose Mourinho becomes the first manager to win a major trophy at the club in his first season.

Since the start of the 2011/ 2012 sseaon, Zlatan has scored 224 goals which means he has been even more prolific in his 30s than ever before. The 30s has proven to be the bane of many a player, more so evidenced by Wayne Rooney.

The demands of playing in the younger years start taking its toll on the body, and decline starts setting in. He has netted 26 goals for Jose Mourinho’s team this season, and is currently the toast of the British Press who used to doubt him before. All hail King Zlatan!!!!!


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