How to Start a Football Blog and Make Money!

Become a football blogger

Are you a sports fanatic looking run a football website? Luckily in 2018, its relatively easy to setup a footy blog and start sharing your opinions on the beautiful game right away! Blogging is one of the best ways to earn income online while at the same time enjoy writing about topics that interest you. In this article I will give away my top blogging tips to increase your chances of success!

5 Steps in Creating a Football Blog

  1. The first step is picking your niche. I don’t recommend starting a generic football news website because there are already thousands of high authority sites pumping out hundreds of click bait articles everyday. Maybe start a fan website about your favorite team such as Man United or Liverpool. Another good idea is creating a fantasy football site; people are obsessed with that game and are always looking tips for their teams.

2. Choosing the name of your website is a crucial decision, and having a catchy domain name will help you stand out from the crowd. Avoid stupid names like Don’t be lazy, take out a notepad and write down some ideas!

Extra-Tips for Domain Names:

  • Make it short, unique and catchy.
  • A .com or are generally the best extensions to use.
  • Avoid using hyphens, dashes or underscores.
  • Avoid using a name that is difficult to spell.

3. Once you think of a cool name, you will need to register the domain so you will officially own that web address. I recommend using to register the domain because they are affordable and don’t charge sneaky hidden fees.

4. Next part is setting up the hosting. There are thousands of web hosts online and 90% of them are terrible. My top picks are Siteground and Tsohost. I have tried out about ten different hosting companies and I have found these two to be the most reliable and trustworthy. At the beginning, go with the cheapest monthly plan as you won’t be receiving much traffic. Gradually as your site attracts more visitors upgrade your hosting plan. Web hosting is very affordable, £10 per month is how much I spend each month on hosting.

5. Now that you’ve signed up with a web host, it’s time to select a blogging platform. Without doubt, WordPress is the number one option for 95% of soccer bloggers. WordPress might seem daunting at first but after a few hours of playing around with different features you will be become an expert. You can install WordPress by logging into your cpanel account. Scroll down until you find the blogging platforms section and you will come across the WordPress icon. Click install, configure the settings and create a username & password. Boom! Now you are ready to begin publishing content to your new blog.

Don’t start publishing content straight away, put together a content marketing strategy. The main component of the strategy will be deciding on what topics to write about. Use other football websites and Youtube videos for inspiration but don’t blatantly copy their content. Having unique content that engages visitors will decide the success of a blog. Youtube channels I use when brainstorming include Football Daily, Tifo Football and HITC Sport.

Don’t monetise your blog until you have at least twenty articles live. The best ways to monetise are using betting affiliate programs. All the major gambling platforms have an affiliate program that offer lucrative commissions to webmasters.


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