Son Heung-Min Girlfriend – Yoo So-young is Hot!

Son Heung-min girlfriend

While Son Heung-Min likes to keep his private life out of the media although it has been reported he is dating actress Yoo So-young. Yoo So-young is a former member of pop group, After School which were once popular in South Korea. The couple allegedly started dating in 2015 but there are very few photos of them in public. Son is very obedient to his parents and was told to focus on his footballing career instead of the field activities that will hinder his performance. As Mickey Goldmill said in the Rocky movie, “women weaken legs.”

Particularly those with yellow fever will really appreciate Yoo So-young’s beauty. Yoo was born in 1986 and is 31 years old, making her six years older than her boyfriend. Yoo seems to be attracted to sports stars as in the past she apparently dated baseball player, Shim Soo Chang. Football is a lot more entertaining to watch than baseball so I understand why she dumped him.

Son Heung-Min is definitely one of the most underrated footballers in the Premier League. The South Korean forward is enjoying his most prolific season at Spurs, scoring goals for fun with either foot. Fantasy football managers are banking a lot of points because of the play-makers consistent performances throughout the season. Son never gets enough praise in the media because he happens to play in the same team as Harry Kane, the league’s top goal scorer. Kane receives all the praise but without Son, Tottenham’s attacking threat would be diminished. Lately, it has emerged that Son may have to complete two years of military service before he turns 28. This means Spur would be two seasons without their secret weapon. The only way Son can avoid military service is by reaching the semi-finals in either the 2018 Asian Games or 2019 Asian Cup.

Acting Career

Yoo left After School to start acting professionally. So far Yoo has appeared in eight TV shows such as Beastie Girls, High Society, You’re Only Mine and The Women of Our Home. Currently, she is signed to an entertainment agency, Star Story. In an interview on a famous Korean chat show, the K pop star claimed she was harassed by the CEO of an agency that signed her. After the incident, she cancelled her contract and found a different agency to represent her.

Heung-Min is one lucky guy, he’s not the only player at Spurs dating a model, checkout Dele Alli’s girlfriend, she is also gorgeous.



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