What Went Wrong With Ricardo Quaresma?

Ricardo Quaresma flop

From “THE ONE” to “NO ONE”. An undoubtedly brilliant talent moves from popularity to obscurity. Why?

A player that could and should have been Cristiano Ronaldo’s rival when we question who is the best Portuguese player? After emerging from the much acclaimed Sporting Lisbon academy which produced the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Moutinho he has failed to live up to his early hype.

Personally, I would have loved to see him with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi in the fierce competition for the Ballon d’or. So what went wrong?

The Obnoxious man

Despite his vaunted physical traits and mesmerising skills, his attitude on and off the field of play was a let off. Quoting Zig Ziglar “Attitude is Everything”. It seemed Quaresma had already lost it without even knowing. Unlike Craig Bellamy’s show of exorbitance by buying a golden boot after his 6.5m pounds move to Norwich (wondering if he wanted to give the grasses a midas touch), Quaresma showed his obnoxiousness by determining the manager to play for and who he dosen’t. During the UEFA EURO 2004, he announced his refusal to play for Barcelona as long as Frank Rijkaard was in charge.

Taking a look at some players with attitude problems from David Bentley to Mario Balotelli to Niklas Bendtner (Breaking Bendtner), their careers have failed or is failing to live up to expectations despite the talents. Quaresma is one of such.

Where is the ‘Team Work’ Quaresma???

Quaresma’s inability to be a team player led to a decline in the camaraderie amongst his teammates. His major emphasis on dribbling caused Jose Mourinho to say.

“He is a great talent, but the joy I have at seeing the way Ibra works for and with the team, I do not yet see it with Quaresma.” and when the ‘Special One’ singles you out and put you in his bad books you gradually become ‘A NO ONE’. Funny enough, an angry Inter Milan fan even said that his trademark skills (rabona and trivela) was informed by his inability to use his left leg and was using it to cover up for being one-legged.

In modern football, individual brilliance is needed but is not a yardstick to being selfish and where tactical discipline must be adhered to. Quaresma failed to realise this and has paid dearly for it.

Moral lesson

1. Attitude is everything

2. It dosen’t pay to be selfish

You can share your views or opinions on what you think went wrong with Ricardo Quaresma.


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