How Many Kids Does Raheem Sterling Have?

Raheem Sterling children

Raheem Sterling has a standout performer this season, helping Man City dominate the Premier League. Off the pitch the attacker is a controversial character, regularly appearing in newspaper headlines in the UK.

The football media give Sterling a bad reputation as they constantly spread false rumours about his personal life. It’s been reported online before that Sterling has five children with three different women. This is a massive lie. He has two kids Melody Rose and Thiago. Melody Rose is from a previous relationship and his girlfriend Paige Milian gave birth to Thiago in 2017.

Raheem Sterling daughter
Melody Rose

Sterling met Paige Milian when he was a teenager playing for QPR, well before he became rich and famous. The couple are still together despite rumours of the footballer apparently cheating on her with a hooker. When Sterling made his big money move to Liverpool, Paige quit her job in JD Sports to move with him. In March 2018, Raheem proposed to his long-term girlfriend and they plan on getting married next year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to have more children!

The couple currently moved into a huge mansion in Cheshire worth £3.1 million before the birth of Thiago. Given that Sterling is a talented footballer, it will be interesting to see if his son will follow him into the professional game.

Sterlings House
Source: Mercury Press

The Man City midfielder spent six months looking for the perfect house for his little family and decided a mansion out the countryside was the ideal location. The luxurious house is less than an hour away from the training ground and has five bedrooms.

Sterling is earning £180,000 per week playing for the Blues so he could have bought an even bigger house! The winger had trouble selling his previous mansion and took it off the market as nobody was willing to pay the full asking price. He dropped the price by £300,000 but still couldn’t find any buyers.

Tattoo Drama

In recent times, Raheem has been all over social media because of a gun tattoo he got his right leg in remembrance of his father. Sterlings father was shot dead by gangsters in Jamaica when Raheem was two years old. The media completely overreacted to the situation claiming it was promoting gang violence.

Despite all the drama, Sterling is a key player for England, and fans will be hoping he can finally fulfil his potential on the world stage. Week in and week out, he has been scoring goals for fun in the Premier League but once he puts on an England shirt his performance level drops significantly. England will need him at his best if they have any chance of progressing into the knockout stages! Hopefully, the 23-year old will make his kids at home proud this time around.


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