Phil Mac Giolla Bhain – Controversial Football Journalist

Football blogger Phil Mac Giolla Bhain

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain is a journalist and author who runs a popular football blog. Born in Glasgow, Mac Giolla Bhain to Donegal in the North of Ireland in 1996. He worked as a journalist for An Phoblacht, a newspaper owned by Sinn Fein who have connections to the IRA.

He gained recognition in the media for covering the events that lead to Ranger FC’s financial destruction. In 2012 he published the book, “Downfall: How Rangers FC Self Destructed”, the Sun newspaper planned to post extracts of the book but later changed their mind due to threats from Ranger Football Club supporters. The Sun didn’t want another situation similar to the Hillsborough Tragedy where Liverpool FC boycotted the newspaper for controversial articles they published. Phil’s popularity grew rapidly among Celtic fans, and his website attracted a lot of views for the negative articles he posted about Rangers. Some of the content is very biased, and it’s clear he has a deep hatred for the Gers.

After releasing the book, he feared that his life was in danger of breaking one of the biggest stories that rocked British football to its roots. Phil was the first person to break a story that normally big newspapers such as the News of the World normally get their hands on first. When you browse through reviews of his book on, it’s funny how it either gets rated five stars or one star. One reviewer wrote, “up there with the bible”, it’s obvious Celtic supporters love reading about the sad demise of their closet rivals.

In 2010, Mac Giolla Bhain broke the story on referee, Hugh Dallas, sending an email to the Scottish FA that ultimately that led to his sacking. Hugh Dallas sent a bizarre email about the Pope, depicted in a way that implied he was a danger to young children. News of the World covered the story but never gave any recognition to the journalist for breaking the story first. The news story would have never brought to the public’s attention if Phil didn’t publish the article on his blog. James MacMillan and Brian McNulty were the only two journalists that gave him any praise in the media for his work on exposing sectarianism in Scottish football.

Mac Giolla Bhain still works as a full-time freelance journalist for various websites such as, and Earning a living from writing is tough, if you like his work make a donation on his blog.


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