Lionel Messi Wife – Antonella Roccuzzo!

Antonella Roccuzzo

Lionel Messi has two loves in his life, FC Barcelona and Antonella Roccuzzo, so while he’s particularly loyal to Barca the Argentine is just as devoted to his partner. During his childhood little Leo was quiet and shy, thankfully one young girl allowed him to conquer his shyness, Antonella Roccuzzo – the cousin of Messi’s best friend, Lucas Scaglia.

Antonella spent a lot of time with Messi but although they were very close they were just friends. Football meant a lot to Leo, so he left for Barcelona in 2004 in order to advance his career. It was the end of a magnificent friendship but then in 2009 everything changed. Lionel Messi, who had become a huge football star, went back to Rosario for Christmas. That’s when he saw Antonella, who had become a beautiful young woman. After being separated for five years, the two childhood friends fell in love. Antonella soon moved to Barcelona to live with her new partner. The two lovebirds lived in pure bliss and welcomed their first child Thiago.

Three years later the beautiful mother gave birth to their second son Mateo and in 2018 the family welcomed little Cero but Messi still wants more. “We’re trying to have a fourth, and I hope it’ll be a girl”, said Messi. Some people think Antonella is only with Messi for his money but that is false. They’ve loved each other ever since they were little but at the time they were too young to be more than friends. Antonella found Leo endearing when she was younger and has always taken care of him. A former model she gave her man a makeover and left university for Barcelona in order to be by his side.

Messi and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo

Discrete on social media, she will forever be Messi’s first love and probably his last. The couple’s simple love demands respect just like their wedding in 2017. They could have gotten married in a castle in Spain or on a beautiful beach in the Caribbean but they chose their hometown of Rosario, where it all started today. The Barcelona striker and his wife live in Castelldefels, a small quiet town close to Barcelona. They live a peaceful life which gives Messi enough stability to continue to amaze his millions of football fans, Antonella and Leos love story is simply incredible!


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