England Players you Should Look Out for in FIFA World Cup 2022


Football enthusiasts eagerly await the FIFA world cup 2022 after the last one in 2018, hosted in Moscow, Russia. In the latter, England finished in fourth place. Now, supporters are looking forward to seeing how Gareth Southgate will rebuild his team for a successful comeback in the 2022 world cup edition.

While no one can accurately predict the World Cup 2022 champion in Qatar, football experts have mentioned that a team and its strategy can help them win any tournament. It can partly explain why FIFA increased the number of players each team can bring for the 2022 world cup. Each team can get a minimum of 23 players and a maximum of 26 players. This recent development will give coaches the flexibility to select spectacular players and will definitely give Southgate an advantage.

Although the final squad team for England is not yet known, here are some of the players you may look out for in the FIFA world cup tournament. 

Jude Bellingham

Jude joined the senior team in November 2020 and was part of the England national team for UEFA Euro 2020. He plays for Borussia Dortmund and is one of the best players on the team too. Look out for this young star because he is highly likely to be included in Gareth’s Qatar squad. 

Bellingham is one of the youngest players on the England national football team. His young age does not affect his performance even when there are more mature and experienced players alongside him. 

He is a midfielder that wields a remarkable dominance of the field and is a reliable team player.

Reece James

Reece James is a 22-year-old defender on the England national team. Reece was once one the highest goal scorer in football history. Chelsea’s win against Burnley in March 2022 served to prove his tenacity and consistency. James scored the first goal 47 minutes into the match before other players added more goals to the final score.

Jack Butland

Jack Butland is another player you should look out for in the England 2022 world cup Qatar squad. He is a 29-year-old footballer who has played for England in all age groups. In 2011, Butland was part of the team that won the European Championships and FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Like Bellingham, he was the youngest player on his debut. Remarkably, Butland was the youngest goalkeeper to play for the England national senior team. He is one goalkeeper Southgate needs to consider putting on the world cup team.

Harry Maguire

You want to look out for the 29-year-old footballer Harry Maguire in the 2022 world cup. He significantly contributes to the team if he keeps up his A-game before the tournament. While Southgate has given Maguire his full support, he has yet to guarantee that Harry will be part of the 2022 English World Cup team. 

Fikayo Tomori

Fikayo Tomori is a Canadian-born 24-year-old football player. Born in Canada, he lived in England from the age of one. As a result, he could play for Canada or England. He made his competitive debut with his performance in the UEFA Euro qualifier, which guided and supported his choice as a UEFA Euro qualifier in 2020. Tomori has continued to play for England since then.

To conclude

We can identify players with high possibilities of being a part of the team even when Gareth Southgate has not yet put the team together. Nevertheless, the names we have just discussed here are on the majority of the predictions lists from experts and speculators. 


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