Dele Alli’s Girlfriend Ruby Mae is a Stunner!

Dele Alli picture with Girlfriend

Dele Alli is a young talented footballer for Tottenham that has been scoring goals both on and off the pitch. He is a controversial character who fans love to hate because of his on-field behavior. Alli clearly is winning at life, with a net worth of £5 million and a stunning model as his partner, what more could he want?

Who is Dele Alli Dating?

The Spurs midfielder is dating lingerie model, Ruby Mae! Thet couple met in the summer of 2016 and are inseparable since. Alli’s girlfriend caught the nations attention when Iceland memorably dumped England out of the European Championship in 2016. She was spotted on camera consoling a devastated Alli, still trying to figure out why England can never perform in major tournaments. Ever since this moment, millions of football fans have stalked her Instagram account with a box of kleenex tissues by their side. Her Instagram profile shows off her various photo shoots, holidays and the odd picture with her boyfriend.

The 23-year-old is a successful model that has worked with some high-end fashion brands such as Pretty Little Thing, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel. Due to her strong following on social media, fashion brands will pay her to promote products, so if she ever gets dumped she can make money to survive before meeting another footballer.

Without doubt Dele Alli’s girlfriend is one of the hottest wags in the Premier League. Every professional footballer tends to attract beautiful women but the Tottenham star’s other half is an exception. The brunette is always in the news with paparazzi following her to take photo’s. It’s hard to live a private life when you’re dating a famous footballer but I’m sure she doesn’t mind the spotlight too much as it does help her modelling career. She’s regularly snapped wearing revealing outfits that will get every guys heart racing.

Ruby Mae Model Instagram

Alli Net Worth

Despite his wealth, Alli is still underpaid in comparison to the top players in the Premier League. Currently, he only makes £50,000 per week when he could be making at least £150,000 at a top club like Man United. While £50,000 per week a mind-boggling figure for the average person, football is a billion pound industry. The wage structure at Tottenham is very strict so Alli ‘s earning potential is limited, I’m sure his girlfriend would prefer him to move him to an elite club willing to pay what he’s worth. The midfielder also has lucrative sponsorship deals with Adidas and Nike so the youngster can bring in an extra £20 million each year.

Sex Tape

Diving isn’t the only cheating the Spurs superstar has been spotted doing in recent times. His iCloud account was apparently hacked and a short sex tape was leaked online! The video is twelve seconds long, and the play maker is receiving oral pleasure from a female friend that is clearly not his partner. I would guess the video was filmed before Alli started dating Ruby Mae as they are still together! How would a guy cheat on someone that looks like Ruby Mae, she is an absolute babe!

Ruby Mae at the 2016 European Championship


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