Why David Beckham Was So Special to Manchester United


David Beckham might have had a very successful football career across several teams and even different countries, but it is his time at Manchester United that he is probably most remembered for. His time at the club proved to be the height of his popularity and people often turned out to watch Premier League games just to see how he would perform – he often had the EPL best odds at the time; he really was a force to be reckoned with. But, why exactly was David Beckham so special to Manchester United?

He Was Liked By Everyone

Even now David Beckham and indeed the whole Beckham family are a family that are liked and respected by people of all ages. Of course, there will be the younger generation that have a crush on David Beckham and that will be their motivation for following his career, but others of all ages will rate him as a professional football player and that will drive their love for him.

He’s a Top Player

Love him or hate him there is no denying that when it comes to professional football David Beckham is one of the best. During the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson, there were a number of players considered amongst the greatest and David Beckham makes this list every time. 1992, a time when David Beckham started to do amazingly well, saw a number of football star careers start to be carved out – including the Neville brothers, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes. Children of the 90s will remember these with fondness but it is Beckham that has managed to stay in the limelight and carve out a longer celebrity career for himself.

He Proved Himself Time and Time Again

In total, Beckham played for Old Trafford 394 times; which is a pretty incredible amount by anyone’s standards. During that time he scored 85 goals and helped Alex Ferguson make a name for himself as a football manager that really knows his stuff. He wasn’t among the tallest soccer players but was a great joy to watch at the peak of his career. Achievements that Beckham helped with include six Premier League titles, two FA community shields, two FA Cups, an Intercontinental Cup and a UEFA Champions league – pretty much ticking off every title that the team could possibly need!

As well as being a pretty consistent player when playing for Manchester United, he had some standout moments which will go down in history with football fans. For example, not many Manchester United fans will forget August 1997 when Beckham played at Selhurst Park and scored from the halfway line when playing against Wimbledon.

There are a number of football greats that will always be looked back on with fond memories, George Best, Alan Shearer and of course David Beckham are all famous football players. They’re all considered great old-school players who perfected their skills from childhood and always had a passion for the game that showed in their gameplay and teamwork. Manchester United will likely never forget when they had Beckham on their team and will always be looking for the next great player to fill his boots.


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