Celebrity Super Fans of Football


As any ardent fan of the beautiful game will tell you, your team is for life, no matter if you work a regular 9-to-5 or you’re a Hollywood superstar.

Whether they are relaxing at a poker table or performing in a Champions League final, football players are well used to being followed by hordes of adoring fans. However, even they would be starstruck by some of these celebrity Premier League fans. Feast your eyes on these five celebrity fans who, despite their enviable careers, still find time for their beloved clubs and national teams.

Daniel Craig (Liverpool)

He may spend most of his time serving Queen and country in his guise as James Bond, but when he ditches the tux and parks his Aston Martin, Daniel Craig reverts to his Scouse roots and supports the mighty Reds, having spent his formative years on the nearby Wirral Peninsula. Rumour has it that when Alex Ferguson was Manchester United manager, he tried to lure Craig to Old Trafford with VIP tickets, only for the actor to give Sir Alex the Bond girl treatment of a broken heart and a shattered dream. He turned down the invitation in favour of other Premier League away days.

Hugh Jackman (Norwich City)

Norwich City’s board of directors is full of well-known faces, including celebrity chef Delia Smith, and television personality/genius Stephen Fry, but perhaps their most famous fan is the man who plays Wolverine, Hugh Jackman. The Australian actor’s mother is from Norwich, meaning he’s been a Canaries fan pretty much from birth. Back in 2011 he even admitted to having turned down the opportunity to invest in the club, a decision he later regretted when the men in yellow ascended to the dizzy heights of the Premier League.

Catherine Zeta-Jones (Swansea City)

They may no longer be a Premier League force, but when it comes to fan power, Swansea are still top drawer. While Jennifer Lopez is renowned for claiming that she’s “still Jenny from the block,” Catherine Zeta-Jones has never felt the need to reaffirm her loyalty to the Welsh valleys she grew up in. The Welsh beauty does however keep abreast of all Swans developments and has even been heard talking about her first love on the red carpet, as they fight for promotion back to the big time.

Adele (Tottenham Hotspur)

It’s not just actors who maintain close ties to their football teams. Singers are also prone to checking half-time scores backstage, many of whom are no strangers to the sort of moments-from-glory experiences that fans of international teams and club teams alike soak in, week-in, week-out. Adele ranks among them, choosing to follow Spurs who, when you think about it, are the perfect match for a performer obsessed with rejection and failure. It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that, after their Champions League final loss to Liverpool, Tottenham players called upon songs such as, I’ll Be Waiting, Daydreamer or Take It All.

David Hasselhoff (Manchester City)

The white sand and red swimsuits of the Baywatch set are a far cry from the UK industrial heartland that is Manchester, but that hasn’t stopped the one and only Hoff from taking time off from his tanning routine to tuck into a pie or two at the Etihad. Hasselhoff even spent time in the Manchester City dressing room in 2013, where the Sky Blues rather embarrassingly gifted him a replica shirt with his name spelt incorrectly. The Hoff of course took it all in his stride. He also hedges his bets by supporting Hertha Berlin in the German Bundesliga, a team whose fans partly credit him with bringing about the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Elton John (Watford)

Few celebrities can ever claim to be as dedicated to their clubs as Elton John is to Watford. The megastar even owned the club not once but twice, and such is his knowledge of the game he still scouts for players that would suit life at Vicarage Road!>


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