Cavani vs Neymar: When A Player is Bigger than the Club

Neymar Jr

Until recent seasons, players are to concentrate majorly on the reasons why they were brought to a club, and not to meddle in administrative decisions and rulings.

But it now appears that the craziness in the transfer market buoyed by the outrageous amount paid to buy players – which most times eclipse the actual worth of such players- has made some top expensive players to have the audacity to call the shot at their respective club and choose who they share the field and the dressing room with.

It is no longer news that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have once demanded the sale of players at their respective club Barcelona and Real Madrid.

And after the shock that greeted the football world following Neymar’s £198 million move to PSG and are yet to recover from, the event currently unfolding at the Brazilian’s new club will leave more to
keep the manner of his move with more stories that ensued fresher than expected.

It was widely believed that the former Barcelona man chose to leave the Nou Camp mainly to escape the shadow of Messi and be a man of his own class. Already feeling like the king not only of PSG but of the French Ligue, Neymar obviously want Barca’ treatment of Messi at PSG and wants everything about the club to be centred around him.

Neymar was the penalty taker at Barcelona, a position deliberately vacated for him by Messi which Edinson Cavani is not ready to relinquish for his South American counterpart. Well, it is time Neymar realized that that this is not Barcelona and Cavani is no Messi and Cavani also has to come to terms that Neymar is now the bride of the club.

Their first spat on the pitch was when the Uruguayan denied him the chance to take the spot-kick against Saints-Etienne and it happened again in the match against Lyon over the weekend, a decision which annoyed Neymar and resulted in a brawl between the two in the dressing room

From the writings on the wall, Cavani does not give a damn about the amount he was bought and he is not ready to be in the shadow of another striking partner after enduring that during Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s spell at the club but Neymar has arrived to achieve his aim of being the king of football at PSG, though that cannot be achieved with arrogant the 25-year-old now displays.

Expected to be paid from the club’s pocket but it appears Neymar now has the club in his pocket. The Brazilian superstar had demanded that Cavani be sold, it is now left to be seen if the club will dance to
his tune and sell one of their stars.

On the other hand, Montpellier will host PSG in Ligue 1 so let see how both aces relate with each other on the pitch. You can as well check out for the Sports betting online


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