Guy Wenger – Arsene is in a Difficult Situation!

Guy Wenger is Arsene Wengers Brother

Few people claim to know Arsene Wenger very well but his brother, Guy Wenger is one of the few individuals who keeps in close contact with him. Guy is Arsene’s older brother, a 75-year-old retired businessman who never made it as a footballer. Standing at 6ft tall, Guy has a similar physique to his younger sibling and also speaks multiple languages. Unsurprisingly he is a big Arsenal fan and often visits North London to watch his favorite team play. Things on the pitch haven’t been going too well with a large section of Arsenal’s fan base protesting for Arsene Wenger to get sacked.

Ever since the Gunners shambolic performances vs Bayern Munich in the Champions League, celebrity fans including KSI have been hoping for the manager to finally step down. The 5-1 thrashing in Munich highlights how far away Arsenal are from competing against the top teams in Europe. Poor inconsistent results in the Premier League further highlight the desperate need to make changes at Arsenal but the owners will never sack the Frenchman out of respect.

Guy Wenger rarely ever does interviews with journalists, in 2016 he was interviewed by the Daily Mirror regarding Arsene’s time at the Emirates and admits that the situation is becoming increasingly worse.

“I feel sympathy for Arsene. The situation is not good for him. But it is his problem, not mine. I was not in Munich for the match, I watched on television.”

Guy believes his younger brother won’t quit because he loves Arsenal too much and football is his life. He is still surprised how Arsene is still managing after 20 years in charge despite not possessing the typical traits most managers have.

There have been growing calls by fans and pundits that Arsene Wenger should leave the club in the summer before he destroys his legacy. AFTV in particular, have been vocal about why the legendary Frenchman should leave. Die-hard Gunner supporters are starting to develop a hatred for a manager they once loved. Top personalities on AFTV such as DT, Troopz and Claude are crying out for a new manager that can turn Arsenal into title challengers or at least finish in the top four.

Wenger’s current deal at the Emirates runs out at the end of this season, I think if he had any dignity or respect for supporters he should step down and allow someone like Carlo Ancelotti to take over. Other possible candidates for the job are Mikel Arteta, Thierry Henry, Joachim Low, Brendan Rodgers and Luis Enrique.


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